About Us

Who We Are

Askme.lk is a new website, with a whole new concept. In Askme.lk a customer can make an enquiry when a necessity arises in purchasing properties and vehicles.

Unlike any other E-Commerce sites, askme.lk is dedicated and committed to serve buyers to their fullest satisfaction. It also to delivers an outstanding solution in expanding the E-Commerce markets in Sri Lanka, with a whole new E-Commerce concept.

Askme.lk focuses on a more localized concept which in its practice naturally ensures the delivery of a state of the art service to all its patrons.


Askme.lk focuses entirely on Real Estate and the Automobile industry. The site encourages buyers to tell us their requirement specifically.

Upon realizing the exact requirement Askme.lk will provide the prospective buyer with the best solution, by ensuring that the prospective buyer has got the best deal to satisfy his requirement.

This in turn has become the companies point of differentiation which has lead in creating a competitive advantage over all of its competitors and other online E - commerce service providers.